The Boot is the right shoe Anytime, Anywhere

For a long time now, men have been defined by the shoe they put on. That is why many enthusiasts have put it that when one meets a lady especially for the first time, she looks at the man from down upwards, a statement not scientifically proven but literally correct and practically true.

However, not every shoe fits you. Some pairs seem to have been made for specific people. Designers have made a living off celebrities by trying to dress them well but often they miss the right shoe and things go berserk. As it stands, the right shoe can complete a good look without much struggles just as the reverse of it is true. But when I talk of the right shoe, I mean a Boot. That is probably the most right shoe I know off.

Now when I talk about boots, someone wonders what am really trying to mean. This is a term used to refer to ankle-high shoes for both men and women. There are cases of the cowboy type of boots which are way higher and can cover up to your knees, but as I said, these are for “cowboy cases’ so unless  you want to go around looking the odd one out in the group, please leave those ones alone. But don’t be confused, I mean the gentleman type of Boot preferably made of leather for longevity and quality, not the Traditional Timberland Boot that has become a sort of trademark for Hip-hop music videos.

I have been putting on different types of shoes from the time I was a toddler. But when I pose to look through my album, some pictures stand out, they make statements. These are pictures that were taken in my first pair of boots, the Sahara as is commonly known in Kenya or simply put as The Safari Boot. My love affair with boots started then. With The Sahara as my first real deal, at that time I didn’t know of many other brands. I recall many occasions when I cried just to put on that particular pair and not some pair of Sneakers.

By now men should have learnt that what defines you fashion wise is how well you blend that Tuxedo with a nice pair down on the floor. Your shoe is the epitome of any design on any good or bad wardrobe day. A good shoe caps off the look just as a bad shoe makes you stand out on the wrong pages of Fashion Police pages. I speak this because men have always been called all sorts of names when it comes to fashion and design. I tend to agree with this notion because most of us are yet to capture the concept that some shoes stand out better than others and that you need to know what shoe really does fit you.

This morning I walk into the lecture room donning my kaki trouser, a checked shirt and a black coat to complete the upper look. This beautiful friend of mine gives me a hug and whispers, “you’re smart Deno.” Then she quickly adds, “Your shoe stands out.” I hope you notice she didn’t start commenting on my coat, shirt or pants. She started bottom-up. The shoe she was mesmerized with was yours truly, a Fernando Melo Boot.

Am not a brand type of guy especially when it comes to boots, because many are times when I have entered a boutique and walked out with this boot that has no signature name and left a Gucci or Timberland on the stands; this is because when it comes to Boots, it is about your personal test and not the brand. However I have to warn you that one sin men are committing when it comes to this is the choice of color.

I know that fashion specialists will advise us on how men have to be adventurous and try out all these colors. However my stand has always been that when it comes to shoes, especially the boots, only two colors stand out; Black and Brown or a blend of both. Blue may be called the ‘New Black’ but not when shoes are concerned. A Blue Pant or short will look good on a black shoe but the same cannot be said of a Black Pant or short on a pair of Blue shoes. My pair of Boots has to be in those two colors, nothing more, and nothing less.

I watched a very special show of recent, ‘The trend’ on NTV Kenya. The show host was in a grey suit completing it with a pair of Black Boots, his look was outstanding, a million dollar look. But here is the twist; his guest on the show, Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones was in a denim jean, a white T-shirt and a blazer. But down, he had on Brown Boots. If the first look was a million dollar look then this was a million pound look, very unique and well blend. What am trying to mean is that no matter what your choice of clothes is, if well matched with a Boot, the look will always pay.

My friend Annet, a lady very sensitive on how men dress tells me, “Some men don’t really look so smart but these shoes like the ones you’re putting on makes them look presentable.” Am of cause donning my favorite shoe, a Boot. Am not saying I only own Boots on my shoe stand nor advising you to throw away your other types and stock only Boots; but what am saying is that Boots never disappoint. I mean I have a pair or two of Clarks, a pair of Sneakers plus some other types. But you put on Clarks for an event and someone asks you, “Which university are you from?” this is because they have become some sort of uniform for University students. So to avoid that question even though am a University student myself, I trust in my Boots. And the questions change to, “where do you work?” then I can happily reply that am a university student, not forgetting Makerere University to drive my point home that we stand out from the crowd.

I talk to Mawel Chol, a student at Makerere University and ask him what type of shoe he likes. He says, “It definitely has to be a boot.” I ask him why it has to be a boot, “Because it is the ‘in thing’ now and also they always match well with any type of attire I put on.” One thing I notice is that as men, we are really conscious of how we look, especially those who are fashion conscious. However in our mindfulness, we are also worried about whether the shoe rhymes with the outfit. To answer this question, I would suggest you buy a pair of Boots and experience the thrill.

Other factors remaining constant. We are in a country that is well blessed with rain and not well furnished with infrastructure. This means that whether you drive your own car or depend on the public transport means or probably trust your own two wheels well, the shoe you buy must be one to keep you less worried when the rain comes and finds you in a place where you have to walk for some meters to your destination. This is where again, the Boot comes in handy with its raised sole and ‘made for all conditions’ look. You have no fear about water entering your shoe nor reaching your socks. The Boots substantiate the notion that smartness has no weather. So come rain or shine, you will be covered by your Boot.


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